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Reel Talk

Fishing tips, clips and more from Namotu Island’s expert fishing guides.

Fishing around the Mamanuca Islands on the Cobalt

Back in July, fishing guides Ben Wilson and Dyllon Schulz packed up the Cobalt to explore the Mamanuca Islands.

This boat is so much more comfortable than most so it means longer, smoother trips to more remote places are suddenly within reach. Ben and Dyllon caught a nice selection of species typical of the region - Spanish mackerel, wahoo, dogtooth tuna and mahi mahi to name a few.

These guys will be back in January and February (YELLOWFIN TUNA SEASON!) to host a series of epic Fish Weeks on Namotu. To find out more about these trips visit

Want to fish on the Namotu Cobalt with Ben, Dyllon and Namotu’s best fishing guides? Join an exclusive week of top water, heavy tackle, live baiting and jigging in January and February 2020.

With 3 specially designed fishing boats crewed by 3 of our best guides and top local skippers, this week is the ultimate fishing adventure. All tackle, bait and equipment is supplied and you’ll rotate between fishing styles so you don’t miss a thing. Spend two days on each of our fully equipped fishing boats targeting a range of species then return home to Namotu Island each night for incredible food, luxurious accommodation and resort facilities.

Find out more about the Namotu Island Fish Weeks

When and how to fish for yellow fin tuna in Fiji

Yellow fin tuna are a migratory fish and the big ones are only available certain times of the year in Fiji. Around the Mamanuca Islands you will find these fish on the bite from December to April. March & April are ideal months as there tends to be less risk of cyclone with some great waves for the surfers too. 

Yellow fin can be caught using a number of techniques but are best jigging using soft plastics, trolling or popping with lures. Our charter boat, the Mitaia Rua is equipped with all the gear to catch yellow fin tuna including rods and reels made by Shimano. This top-of-the range equipment is available to all charter guests. 

Enquire about catching yellow fin tuna in Fiji by contacting us

Here's Mitaia Rua fishing guide, Ben Wilson with a 50kg yellow fin tuna caught just off Namotu Island, Fiji. 

Here's Mitaia Rua fishing guide, Ben Wilson with a 50kg yellow fin tuna caught just off Namotu Island, Fiji. 

IFish TV on Namotu Island

In February 2018 Paul Worsteling and the IFish crew joined us for a week of fishing aboard the Mitaia. It went off. We chased fish within sight of Namotu Island and targeted a wide range of species to showcase just how diverse the fishing is here. They weren't disappointed. 

We wanted to showcase how close the fishing is to the Island, something that is so unlike other destinations where everything is at least 30 minutes away. Here you can head out for a few hours fishing then come back for lunch or when the wind or surf picks up. Paul and the IFish crew stayed with us a week on Namotu and we spent nearly the whole time fishing within a few minutes of the island. We had a list of species we wanted to catch and methods we wanted to use over the week that we quickly ticked off. And although we had some crazy moments, in particular one day when we lost about 15 fish in a row because we were so lit up by them, we still scored some great footage and shared some amazing moments.

The week was full of organised chaos, loose nights and long days chasing fish and at the end there was enough content for several episodes, the first of which aired in April 2018. 

Thanks to all the iFish TV crew - Paul, Cristy and Jet Worsteling, Tom Hughes, Paul Spurling and Noni. Thanks to ShimanoSimrad Yachting and SPY optic

Most of you probably know Namotu Island, Fiji for it's incredible surfing and kiting, but it also has world-class fishing that's practically within casting distance of the beach. Fishing is one of my biggest passions and there's no better place to indulge it than Namotu Island.