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Meet Namotu’s expert fishing guides.



Each of our highly skilled guides has many years of experience fishing around the Mamanuca Islands to supply the Namotu Island restaurant. All are intimately familiar with the tides, moons & seasons in this area of Fiji and will fish as hard as you want from sunrise to sunset. Get to know them here and if you want to request a specific guide feel free, we'll do our best to accommodate your request.  


Ben wilson

"When they first started Namotu I went over to set up the fishing program for 1 month and ended up staying for 4 years straight, it was the time of my life and ever since I’ve spent around 3 months per year there. It’s my second home."

Favourite type of fishing: Bluewater, I live and breathe being out on the blue water and nothing gets me more excited than topwater for yellow fin Tuna/GT’s and live baiting/down rigging for dogtooth tuna.

 Favourite type of fishing at Namotu: I love all types of fishing, whenever I fish at Namotu I go out prepared for everything and let the ocean dictate the type of fishing I do.

 Most memorable catch at Namotu: Over the years all the dogtooth tuna I’ve caught have been memorable and most recently a 50kg Yellowfin tuna on a stick bait that came completely out of the water on a stick bait right at the boat. But my all time favourite catch was a Blue Marlin around 300kg in the International Fiji gamefishing tournament that we won.

What Namotu means to you: Absolutely everything, it’s my second home and all the Fijians are my family. This place has given me everything I could have ever dreamt of and the place I hold closest to me.


Ben Wilson

  • Age: 40
  • Profession: Owner/director of BWSURF
  • From: Merimbula, NSW, Australia
  • Years fishing Fiji: 20


Mike Hennesey 

"1989 was my first fishing adventure around Namotu Island. I was hooked after the first triple strike!"

How did you find Namotu:  I was fishing the Bisbee's Marlin tournament in Mexico with one of the owners of Namotu as a team mate. That turned into Team Fiji where we won "World Champion Angler" in 2016 at the IGFA World Championships of Fishing in Costa Rica.

Favourite type of fishing:  All fish of all sizes matched with the right tackle.  1,000lb blue marlin to fly fishing for bonefish on the flats.

Favourite type of fishing at Namotu:  Live baiting for sea monster dogtooth tuna and Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel.

Most memorable catch at Namotu: Triple hook up on blue marlin getting almost spooled by a 600lb blue marlin and releasing 2/3 was epic fun.

What Namotu means to you: Namotu is a gathering place of great people to enjoy a water world of fun and extreme sports... Paradise.


Mike Hennessey

  • Profession: Captain and guide to exotic locations chasing amazing fish on fly and conventional tackle.
  • Age: 47
  • From: Hawaii, USA
  • Years fishing Fiji: 30+


liam krelle

"Over the years there have been SO many memorable catches on Namotu. One that sticks out is watching a school of 150-200 pound YFT demolish a tightly packed baitball for over two hours. Off to the side were another two football field-sized schools of smaller tuna feeding, whales, and birds all getting in on the action. It was the craziest I’ve ever seen the ocean surface with fish and marine life. We were lucky enough to land 4 tuna around the 150 pound mark. Another highlight was winning an IGFA tournament with two best mates in the last minutes of a three day comp hooking and tagging a Sailfish in horrible ocean conditions. Pressure situations and intense moments are something I thrive on when fishing!"

 How did you find Namotu: I first set foot on Namotu when I was 22 in 2002 intending on working as a fisherman for one month. I ended up staying for 3 months!

Favourite type of fishing: All types of fishing excite me and I can truly say I enjoy it all from bottom dropping, popping, jigging, livebaiting and trolling with every type being equally as rewarding when all the preparations and planning come to fruition.

 Favourite type of fishing at Namotu: For me the fishing that really gets my heart beating would be blue water fishing. The spectacle of big schools of Yellowfin Tuna, the sound of screaming reels from 4 and 5 way hook ups when fast trolling for Wahoo, and a Marlin bite is very hard to beat. I love the fact that things can go from quiet to chaos in a matter of seconds!

What Namotu means to you: Namotu means so much to me, it's been such a huge part of my life for 16 years now and it feels like my second home. The people I've met and the Fijian family means everything to me and the place is literally a dream for someone who surfs, fishes and loves boats. For me its paradise. I’m forever grateful for the amazing memories I have and I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren’t for Namotu.


Liam Krelle

  • Profession: Skipper/Master 4, engineer & Shipwright/Boat Builder
  •  Age: 38
  •  From: Sydney, Australia
  •  Years fishing Fiji: 16


Dyllon Schulz

"To me Namotu is true meaning of paradise; from the crystal clear waters and perfect island setting, the local Fijians making every stay amazing, to being able to participate in any ocean based activity and having amazing fishing a stone's throw away."

How did you find Namotu: After going on a boat trip to West Sumatra with Ben Wilson, we fished as much as we surfed and he kept talking of this place called Namotu and how good the fishing was. So after we returned I hit him up to see if I could go fishing over there. After a few false starts I made my way to paradise and the rest is history.

Favourite type of fishing:  SURFACE, anything surface, from estuaries at home chasing Mangrove Jacks, to reef edges in fiji chasing GT’s, to blue water chasing Spanish Mackerel and Yellowfin. That visual bite gets me every time.

Favourite type of fishing at Namotu: EVERYTHING! The range is so diverse, you could be live-baiting ledges in the morning, deep dropping during the day and surface fishing the afternoon. I can’t say that I like one style more than the other when I’m on Namotu.

Most memorable catch at Namotu: My first solo Dogtooth Tuna


Dyllon Schulz

  • Profession : Civil Contractor
  •  Age: 34
  •  From: Sunshine Coast, Australia
  •  Years fishing Fiji: 6